My Supporters

To my supporters:

Six months ago, I successfully completed my “Ride for HIV Wellness” across Switzerland in support of Compass Services at MetroHealth. I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you again for your kindness, your incredible generosity, and your willingness to support my efforts.  By the close of 2013, more than 100 individuals & businesses contributed to this cause, either financially or through in-kind donations. Thanks to you, we were able to raise over $24,000 to help insure that vital services remain available to persons living with HIV/AIDS in the greater Cleveland community.

I share with you (below) a visual expression of my deep gratitude to each you who helped make this project possible, and who helped to insure it’s remarkable success. Ensõ, the sacred Zen Buddhist symbol in which your names are encircled, symbolizes enlightenment, strength, completeness, the connectedness of all things. It is a representation of the true and innermost self. Most importantly, for me, this symbol represents the spirit of harmonious cooperation. Through your support, you have demonstrated the highest spirit of harmonious cooperation. The image is splashed in red to represent the many persons living with HIV/AIDS who will benefit from your generous actions. For that, I will always be grateful.

Peace, Paul

Thanks Enso 4R


2 thoughts on “My Supporters

  1. Cindy Fahay


    Great to read your blog and get a chance to revisit the ride of our life time as well and the pleasure of sharing it with you. Glad you are well and hope you are riding strong someplace although it is probably inside at the moment. So fun to look at your photos again.

    Take care and much love,
    Cindy and Mike Fahay

  2. Greg Johnson

    Greetings Paul,
    Congratulation on completing your ride and on the success of your fund raising. It was a privilege to meet you and share time with you. You are an inspiration. Hooray for Pringles.
    Greg Johnson

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